Report in 3 easy steps!
Reporting Step 1

Determine the reporting requirement for the disease to be reported using
one or more of the following tools:


Reporting Step 2

Complete a report form with all available information pertaining to the patient,
lab testing, provider and disease (click on each to expand option info):

Ohio Confidential Reportable Disease Form (Not for HIV/AIDS) -
This is a generic form for reporting most diseases,
unless a disease specific form is available (see next item)
The Ohio Confidential Reportable Disease Form is a generic form for most reportable diseases. This is a fillable pdf for completion and printing - the completed form cannot be saved electronically on most computers.
Disease-specific forms
arrow CLASS A Diseases arrow

All suspected or confirmed cases of class A reportable disease, bioterrorism event, or other infectious disease emergency must be reported IMMEDIATELY by phone as soon as knowledge or suspicion of a case exists.

  • What is a Class A Disease?
  • During business hours (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mon - Fri excluding holidays):
    Call (614) 525-8888 and leave a message with the following information: patient name and date of birth, address, phone number, reportable condition, provider or facility information, lab test collection date and specimen/test type or clinical symptoms (if no lab done).
  • After hours: Call (614) 525-3965. Tell the answering service that you are calling to report a Class A disease. The answering service will take your information and you will be contacted shortly by a public health investigator.

** To ensure accuracy of information left by phone, please fax a copy of the completed Ohio Confidential Reportable Disease Form


Reporting Step 3

After collecting all required information and completing the form,
report the disease using one of the following options:

Fax FAX:
(614) 525-8890
Call CALL:
(614) 525-8888 for ALL disease reporting.
For guidance & resources about:
  - TB call (614) 645-1823
  - STIs call (614) 645-8539
  - TDD call (614) 645-7041
After hours call (614) 525-3965.
This line is for Class A disease reporting
and public health emergencies ONLY.
Mail MAIL:
IDRS c/o Franklin County
Public Health
280 East Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Email EMAIL: